Datadog Partner Network Benefits

As a member of the DPN you will have access to business and marketing resources you need to be successful and grow your business


Go-to-Market Support

Partners have access to dedicated sales and marketing resources focused on accelerating partner growth.

Sales Tools

As a member of the Datadog Partner Network, partners benefit from product discounts, deal registration, and the ability to sell their own apps on the Datadog Marketplace.

Partner Portal

The DPN Partner Portal is the hub for everything a partner needs to grow their business with Datadog.

Training & Support

Datadog offers sales enablement in the form of on-demand courses designed to quickly onboard sales and technical teams.

Hear from our leadership

Deniz Tortop, VP of Channels and Alliances, shares an overview of Datadog and the Datadog Partner Network.



Tracks & Tiers

DPN encompasses five tracks, which are designated for resellers, managed services providers, consultants and systems integrators, technology partners, and non-transacting referral partners


Reseller Track

The Reseller Track is intended for businesses that would like to resell Datadog's services to end customers. Under this arrangement, the reseller's end-customer signs Datadog's Master Services Agreement (MSA) and uses the application itself. It includes two tiers: Basic and Gold.

Managed Services Provider Track

The MSP Track is intended for businesses that primarily serve to directly manage end-customer environments. MSPs incorporate Datadog into their service offering. Unlike resellers, MSPs typically perform administrative functions in the platform on behalf of their customers, meaning the MSPs hold the subscription and must sign Datadog's MSA. It includes two tiers: Basic and Gold.

Consultant / Systems Integrator (SI) Track

The Consultant / SI Track is intended for businesses that primarily serve to provide expert assessment, advisory, and hands-on expertise to end customers. Often they will have one or more professional services practice areas supporting Datadog and/or related technologies, platforms, and products (such as DevOps or Cloud Migration services). The track includes two tiers: Basic and Gold.

Technology Partner Track

The Technology Track is intended for businesses that offer a service or technology that is adjacent or complementary to Datadog, and serves as a way for partners to develop and support integrations that can be hosted on Datadog’s Marketplace. All partners in this track are considered Registered Technology Partners, and have access to all portal materials and a sandbox Datadog account. There are currently no additional tiers within this track.

Referral Track

The Referral Track supports companies who wish to submit referrals to Datadog but will not be transacting directly as resellers or MSPs. This track is included for SIs, technology partners, and other companies who are not covered by any other track, so partners may not enroll in this track if they are also in the Reseller or MSP track. It includes two tiers: Basic and Gold.

Does more than one apply to you?

When you first apply for DPN, you will only be able to select one track, however when you upgrade your tier to Basic or Gold you will be able to select as many as you see fit.

Hear why partners choose Datadog

Learn how Datadog has helped close new business for CloudHesive, a next-generation managed services and consulting company.


Product Solutions Briefs

Learn how Datadog has helped companies like Samsung, FedEx, and the Washington Post manage their infrastructure more effectively


Cloud Migration

Datadog helps companies like Nielsen and the Washington Post quickly assess their infrastructure footprints before, during, and after migrations.


Tool Consolidation

Datadog helps companies like Samsung and DreamWorks consolidate their monitoring tools for a single unified view into their entire stacks.


DevOps Culture

Datadog helps companies like FedEx and Comcast deliver technology changes more quickly and reliably by supporting their DevOps cultures.


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