Rackspace Technology is the multicloud solutions expert. We combine our expertise with the world’s leading technologies — across applications, data and security — to deliver end-to-end solutions. We have a proven record of advising customers based on their business challenges, designing solutions that scale, building and managing those solutions, and optimizing returns into the future. As a global, multicloud technology services pioneer, we deliver innovative capabilities of the cloud to help customers build new revenue streams, increase efficiency and create incredible experiences.



Innovation moves your business and the world forward. With the right partnership, you can realize breakthroughs faster. That’s why we work closely with you and your team to understand your needs and apply best practices to help you identify opportunities and that next big idea. With over 7,500 cloud certifications, our Consultative and Advisory Services team brings the world’s best cloud experts together with the latest methodologies and approaches to develop solution strategies that get you on the right road from day one. From assessment to ideation and true innovation, we work alongside your team, ensuring you have the guidelines, guardrails and expertise you need to be successful.

Eliminate technical debt, fix flawed security and bring disparate data together with our IT security professional services. When your technology environment is working for you, your company can focus on getting ahead rather than on what holds you back. Our experts design and build cloud solutions that move your business forward. Using cloud-native approaches based on leading DevOps practices, we help you modernize your applications and data, build in the leading security solutions and deploy everything on the right cloud infrastructure for maximum effectiveness. We’ve assembled a professional services team that brings you expertise for leading applications, data architectures and technologies, and security best practices – across every major cloud platform. We make keeping up with rapidly changing cloud technologies our business, so you can get the most out of yours.

Rackspace Elastic Engineering is our core solution for managing cloud environments. We provide your business with on-demand access to a team of highly skilled engineers – collectively called a Pod – who are available to collaborate with your organization to shape successful outcomes such as: *Planning and migrations to Public Cloud *Architecture design and deployment *Creation of automated CI/CD pipelines *Improve security and reliability for your applications *Manage your cloud environments across AWS, GCP and Azure

As organizations continue to embrace a modern, cloud native mindset - their teams need to learn and embrace entirely new architectural methodologies. Your teams may need help from experts such as managed security service providers as they explore new ways to deploy, monitor, and operate environments, and they may even need to master new modern technologies such as containers, serverless, IoT and machine learning. As you pursue this evolution, you need more than just support. You need help understanding how to scale your IT organization in an agile world, how to transform your environment and how to streamline your operating models. As the traditional build and operate barriers continue to break down in IT, new opportunities to accelerate innovation are opening up. This is why many organizations need more than the traditional managed services models, which is constrained to fit the boundaries of the past. With groundbreaking new service models like Rackspace Elastic Engineering and thousands of cloud certified professionals, we can keep you performing at the highest levels — freeing your team to drive results that make a difference for your business.

Choosing the right cloud solution and managing your cloud migration is a complex undertaking. Rackspace Technology™ will partner with you to deliver the expertise you need, so you can avoid common pitfalls and accelerate your return on investment. Our certified cloud migration consultants start by conducting a holistic assessment of your IT environment and business goals. We then create a customized cloud migration plan designed to support those goals. We’ll handle migration of your applications and workloads, so you can minimize your business risk, disruption and downtime. After a successful migration, our experts can continue to work with you through our ongoing management and optimization services.

With cloud optimization, you can improve cloud performance and reduce costs. This helps you enhance customer experiences, drive differentiation and decrease your time to market. Yet, the in-house expertise this requires can consume time and resources that would otherwise be spent on your core business. Our team of solutions-agnostic, cloud-specialized experts can help you engineer and architect the infrastructure you need to meet your business goals. We build in cloud optimization tooling, give you guidance on reducing cloud spend, and deliver the flexibility to pay only for the services you need. Regardless of where you are in your cloud journey, Rackspace Technology will assess your current environment. We will provide best-practice recommendations on cloud optimization, design and implement your cloud solution, and provide continuous optimization so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Rackspace Technology™ accelerates your journey to multicloud, so you can realize its full benefits faster. We’ll advise, design and build the best infrastructure solution for your interconnected hybrid IT environment. That means you can: * Take advantage of public cloud scalability for applications with heavy or unpredictable traffic * Use edge computing technologies for applications requiring low latency * Deploy business critical applications on your private cloud to ensure security and control — all within your connected, multi cloud environment * Establish multicloud security for your data and applications Our specialists can modernize, deploy and manage your applications on multi cloud infrastructures, freeing your teams from complexity — so you can focus on staying competitive.

Rackspace Fabric provides unified intelligence and control across cloud environments Different interfaces, capabilities and multiple points of insight make managing multiple cloud environments challenging and resource-consuming. You may be juggling multiple processes, applications, and interactions across disjointed interfaces, greatly increasing your workload and chance for error. Rackspace Fabric delivers unified intelligence and control over your multicloud environments, enabling more effective control and efficiency than you ever thought possible. Rackspace Fabric software unites all of your cloud platforms, providing common governance, ticketing, billing, tagging and much more throughout your entire IT estate. Its multicloud management tools lets you harness the best of raw native power from your clouds of choice while creating consistency across all common support services. Our proprietary software platform provides a single, multi-tenant user interface and access to thousands of Rackspace Technology cloud experts. We developed Rackspace Fabric with 20+ years of expertise in every thread, weaving it all together into a single platform — one fabric — to become the foundation of our distinctive service delivery model.


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